SecurOSFace Capture and Facial Recognition

SecurOS Face is an ISS video analytics module that provides Face Capture & Facial Recognition with a high level of accuracy in a wide variety of challenging conditions. SecurOS Face provides capture and recognition of faces from a video stream and is a best-in-class solution with both active and passive recognition features that improves safety and security while providing a powerful and versatile tool for personnel. SecurOS Face is built with advanced algorithms, which identifies and matches an individual’s specific features with accurate detail. As a Video Analytics/Biometrics Module SecurOS Face images can be archived in a database for real-time identification and can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with an access control or other third party system to enhance functionality.

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Features Include

Key Applications

  • Retail Environments

    Quickly recognize in real-time any visitor that is on a "black list" due to theft and send a warning to the store administrator

  • Schools and Campuses

    Protect your students from potential harm by validating your visitors with facial recognition

  • Law Enforcement

    Quickly identify people of interest to help protect court houses, airports and other secure areas 

  • Public Arenas

    Protect all areas within a stadium environment to keep unwanted visitors or banned individuals from entering